Upgrading to the iPhone 4? Let a Cuban journalist use that useless antique 3G…

Seriously, though, the iPhone can open a lot of doors for Cubans on the island. Even without a service plan.

Journalists especially could benefit from the device, as it would give them a machine that gets online, shoots video and stills, records audio, and could even make Skype calls over a WiFi connection (wherever these might happen to be available in Cuba).

If you’re upgrading to the iPhone 4 (or any other smartphone), consider sending your old smartphone our way for the Cuba Connected project. Even if it’s not working, we might be able to swap parts with another phone and send an invaluable resource to a journalist in Cuba.

Here are two iPhones we’ve gotten already:

"I remember back when it took a whole 5 seconds to load videos of skateboarding dogs..."

Note: We can’t make use of ALL phones. We only plan to keep smart phones that would have substantial functionality even without paying for cellular service. However, we will ACCEPT any phone donation. If we find that we can’t use your phone for our purposes, we will pass it along to Raíces de Esperanza for that organization’s Cell Phones For Cuba initiative, which gets phones to the Cuban population more broadly (not just journalists) and with a focus on phone calls and SMS.


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One response to “Upgrading to the iPhone 4? Let a Cuban journalist use that useless antique 3G…

  1. Joe Echandi


    I must confess that I’m not an expert in modern gadjets and programming, etc. But I saw something that caught my attention in reference to a test that Yoani Sanchez (generacion Y) did with her phone, transmitting a video. This might be of interest to you, it’s on her twitter:

    Me dicen que salio video de prueba directo desde MMS. Aguantense los censores, como decimos en #cuba “le cayo comejen al piano!!!”

    Despues de haber logrado el 1er envio desde #cuba por mms-youtube-twitter voy a dar curso para expandir tal conocimiento. Se apuntan?

    Note: I like your approach. My thoughts later.


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