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World Movement for Democracy interview

The World Movement for Democracy just posted this interview with CJT’s Nicolás Jiménez.

Cuban laws, such as Law 88, “Law of Protection of National Independence and the Economy of Cuba,” limit freedom of expression and press. How does CJT encourage journalists in Cuba to contribute to a free and independent press despite these restrictions?

As technology puts more of the power of big media outlets into the pockets of countless Cubans, laws like Law 88—along with much of the rest of the nonsense in Cuba’s Constitution and penal code—is being made largely impossible to enforce with any efficiency. Cubans are beginning to realize that the risks of speaking out are slowly shrinking.

That said, those risks are not disappearing. CJT is conscious of the fact that to speak out in Cuba is to put a lot on the line, including one’s livelihood and physical freedom. The key is to encourage Cuban journalists to minimize the risk in ways that also maximize the potential of their work.

Click here to see the whole interview.


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Article on Cuba’s independent journalism in Global Journalist

If you’re a Global Journalist subscriber (or if you know a newsstand that carries the magazine), look out for a piece by CJT chairman Nicolás A. Jiménez on page 20 of the summer 2010 issue. The article, titled The Cold War Within, is focused on the need for training and capacity building programs for Cuban journalists.

Look for Nicolás A. Jiménez's article on Cuban independent journalism in this issue of Global Journalist.

Global Journalist hasn’t posted the article online, but when it does, we’ll post an update here.

UPDATE: The article is now posted online here.

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